We hope you like our selection of Zander fishing videos. These videos are selected from the best available on YouTube. Some are educational whilst others are pure Zander porn. We have done the hard work sorting through to select the best available so you can relax and enjoy at your leisure.

Albin Sharghi & Cecilia Grönberg are masters at the art of lure fishing for Zander. Both being professional anglers, they are a joy to watch and serve up some great tips and advice whilst catching some monster Zander.

Graeme & Mike Pullen of the Totally Awesome Fishing Show teach you how to catch Zander with dead-baits. These are very informative videos that will help anyone starting out in Zander dead-bait fishing.

Feel free to contact us using the form on the home page if you feel we have missed any Zander fishing videos that should be added to the collection.

Strike Pro TV – Pelagic Zander 3.0 Albin Sharghi & Cecilia Grönberg smashing it again

Strike Pro TV, Albin Sharghi from CWC Fishing Team is on a quest to catch a big springtime zander

Zander Fishing Videos

Graeme & Mike Pullen of the Totally Awesome Fishing Show presents Zander fishing for beginners

Strike Pro TV, Albin Sharghi & Cecilia Grönberg share some tips to help you catch more

Graeme Pullen shows you the best deadbaits to use when Zander fishing with tips on how to catch Zander with dead-baits

Monster Zander from Finland 10kg, 97cm

Fishing In The Middle Of Sweden - Summer Fishing For Zander with

Cecilia Grönberg from CWC