Fishing for Northern Pike

  • We fish for Northern Pike in all seasons using different techniques (also in the winter)
  • Jerks, suspending jigs, fly fishing and swim baits will become familiar during the Pike fishing trip
  • The C&R of Pike is normal (edible fish will be selected according to the size and condition)
  • Pike fishing with a float tube is also offered
  • Pike fishing with surface lures has its moments as a very interesting and splashing way to fish for Pike

Jig fishing

  • Jig fishing is a great and trendy way of fishing that anyone can learn
  • With the right equipment and guidance, this great sport can be really enjoyed to the fullest
  • The target fish are Perch, Pike and Zander with the occasional surprise fish added to the mix
  • The most entangling and finest things are that the situation is live and changes almost every day
  • There are different styles, techniques and tricks to jig fishing, and we also adopt these

fishing for whitefish

  • The whitefish season starts right after the ice has left the shores and the flowing inlets, continuing until the large family of Roach reach the shores
  • Whitefish fishing is usually done using several rods setup on the shore with baited hooks (the jingling of the bells and rod jerking are a sign of a bite)
  • The whitefish is a fine fish to catch and an excellent fish to eat
  • Whitefish fishing provides the opportunity to be outside in the spring season, watch the busy birds and of course enjoy the lunch as you wait for a bite

Excursions on the ice

  • The ice fishing excursion provides the opportunity to fish through the ice with different equipment and lures
  • Jigs, tip ups, and balance jigs will become familiar with or without bait
  • A chance to ice fish for Pike, sometimes for Zander as well
  • Rapala Ice-Force fishing tackle is used providing you with the best ice fishing gear available

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Professional Fishing Guide Tero Ruoho  +358 44 281 4506​  - -

TR-Fishing & Catering

Fishing in Finland

TR-Fishing & Catering is located in Southern Finland near Porvoo.

TR-Fishing & Catering is run by professional fishing guide and gourmet chef 

Tero Ruoho. Tero is a Rapala ice-force pro guide and  Raymarine Finland ambassador. 

With his vast experience and knowledge, TR-Fishing & Catering will provide you with a

days guided fishing that you will surely never forget. 

Tero will take you and your group to the best fishing grounds and provide you with

his own skills along with a safe and suitable boat for fishing. In addition, TR-Fishing

& Catering will supply you with the appropriate equipment for all kinds of sport fishing

for catching various fish.

TR-Fishing actively fishes all year round. In summer the fishing is done in open waters within the fantastic surroundings of the Southern Baltic Sea and Finland's rivers. With the onset of winter the waters freeze thick with ice enabling ice-fishing to commence. ​Being out on the water and ice all year round provides the fishing guide with excellent knowledge on the fish movements, habitats and liking. This knowledge is passed on to the customer ensuring they have the best possible opportunity to catch that fish of their dreams.

The excursions are tailor made according to the customer’s wishes, taking into account the season and weather. The catch, lunch and company are the only requirements of a successful excursion. The weather cannot be changed, but good equipment and a positive attitude will assure an unforgettable experience.

By combining and planning from the examples below, a suitable comprehensive package can be created just for you.