Trolling from a boat is an effective way of exploring new waters and covering fish in large bodies of water efficiently. It involves trailing lures or baits behind the boat whilst moving under the power of the engine. Trolling can be a very relaxing pastime or an extremely hectic method depending on how the angler decides to play it.

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Nothing provides the flexibility, reach and feeling of being on the water quite like the kayak. Kayak fishing popularity has surged in recent years helped by the availability of affordable and extremely stable sit on top kayaks.

Regardless of your preferred fishing method, Kayak Fishing adds something extra to enrich the day.

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Coarse fishing
Dead-baiting for Pike

Waggler, stick float, pole, ledgering and feeder fishing are just some of the methods used within coarse fishing throughout Europe. With endless supply of fresh water Lakes, Rivers and Canals. The European or traveling angler wanting to experience quality fishing has an endless supply of choice available.

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Jigging is another form of lure fishing but due to it's significance in Finland is worthy of special attention. Essentially it involves casting a weighted lure (normally soft lure) and slowly retrieving it along the bottom in a way that entices Zander and Perch to strike. Jigging in the early summer and late autumn is a deadly method.

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Trolling for Pike


Pike Fishing


Ice-fishing is a very popular pastime in Scandinavia due to the long periods of ice coverage throughout the cold winters. Anyone can ice fish without the need to purchase a lot of tackle. Fishing with a tiny rod & reel and few accessories make it a cheap and fun way to spend a few hours during the winter months.  

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Lure fishing (Casting lures, Spinning and Spoon fishing) are similar methods designed to catch predatory fish. The method is perhaps the simplest form of angling that requires little tuition or financial investment. On the right water at the right time the method can be as effective as any other fishing method used.

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Jigging for Zander

The Fishing Methods collection of articles provides advice, hints and tips on how to fish, what methods to use, what fishing tackle to use and other related general fishing guidance.

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Europe offers fantastic Pike fishing with the species abundant throughout the Continent. Pike can be found in lakes, rivers and Baltic Sea. The Pike angler does not have to travel far to find secluded  waters that will not only hold a good head of Pike but will also offer the bonus of some hard fighting monsters from the deep

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Lure Fishing
Ice fishing in Finland

Live & dead baiting involves the use of dead fish to tempt predators such as Pike, Perch Zander & Trout. Either fished under the float, or the ledger the method consistently has a habit of bringing the larger specimens to the net. Dead-baits can either be natural food source or more exotic species in various colors.

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Kayak Fishing