At over 150 lb (68 kg) it is fish such as this Monster Ebro Catfish that attracts anglers to Spain. Introduced into the river during the 1970's the Catfish have thrived due to a combination of the warm weather and abundance of natural food and anglers bait available in the river.  

The River Ebro is not only a Catfish fishing paradise, but in addition offers some of Europe's best river Carp fishing with the average Carp caught being in the mid 20 Lbs bracket and growing to weights in excess of 70 Lbs.

Spain is also home to many species of Barbel with the Comizo Barbel being one of the more sought after species by specialist Barbel anglers due to that fact that they can grow to weights above 35 Lbs with fish of 40 Lbs reported. 

The River Guadiana that runs along the border with Portugal is a favorite haunt for Barbel anglers that provides spectacular catches with the possibility of some real monster fish.

Local anglers tend to favour other species such as Bass, Zander and Carp meaning that the the Barbel angler can have miles of remote stretches of river all to themselves to search out their quarry.

The coarse fishing season in Spain continues throughout the year with most traveling anglers preferring to combine their fishing pleasure with that of the glorious Spanish summer. The period from March through to October is when the majority of Carp and Catfish anglers plan their fishing holiday.

The Salmon and Trout fishing season starts in March with the Salmon fishing season ending on the second Sunday in July and Trout fishing continuing onto the end of August or September.

Sea fishing in Spain is very common with local anglers who fish from either the shore or boat in search of their quarry including Bonito, Cod, Mackerel, Mullet and Sea Bream with baits such as prawns, worms and shrimp.

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Casa Rio Carp & Catfish Fishing


Les Lacs du Verger
River Ebro Catfish

In addition to the Barbel, Carp and Catfish found in the rivers, the Spanish lakes are home to numerous species of freshwater fish. The traveling angler is spoiled for choice with some fantastic Crucian Carp, Tench, Perch, Pike and Zander fishing available throughout the country.

Freshwater fishing in Spain requires that the angler purchase a rod licence (licencia de pesca). The license can be bought locally in various outlets such as banks, town halls and some shops with both one and five year options available. In addition you may be required to buy a permit to fish a particular water but prices are reasonable and wont break the bank. Note that if you do not hold a fishing license in your own country, you will be required to pass an exam in Spanish before you can obtain a fishing license in Spain. This process can take up to one month or longer to complete.

Holders of a foreign fishing license can obtain a Spanish license online here: Failure to acquire the necessary license and permit can result in heavy punishment with the confiscation of your fishing rods a likely outcome.

Fishing in Spain offers the traveling angler an abundance of variety with both the quality of fishing and number of species being as spectacular and wide as anywhere else in the world. Mix in the fantastic Spanish summer weather and it's not hard to see why thousands of anglers travel to Spain each year in pursuit of the fish of their dreams.

Spain provides first class fishing with both public and private waters available holding some of the worlds biggest Carp, Barbel and European Wels Catfish. The Spanish rivers and streams provide some excellent  Salmon and Trout fishing to the fly fishermen. With approximately 2000 km of coastline, the Sea angler has everything from Sea Bream to Sharks with the Canary Island being a popular hunting ground for big Marlin and Tuna anglers.

The River Ebro is one of the largest and most productive fishing rivers in Europe holding monster fish of varies species including Barbel, Bass, Carp, Catfish, Perch and Zander.

​The River Ebro is a vast river at 500 miles in length, starting in Northern Spain near Santander. The Ebro flows south into the Mediterranean Sea where it opens up into a massive delta 60 miles to the south of Barcelona.

The opportunity to catch a Monster Ebro Catfish lures many an angler to the River Ebro with many colossal fish caught every season above the magical 100 Lbs mark and more increasingly reaching 200 Lbs plus. The River Ebro truly is a fishing paradise on earth stuffed full of amazing fish that grow to an immense size.

Casa Rio Carp & Catfish Fishing

Casa Rio Carp & Catfish Fishing

River Ebro Catfish
River Ebro Carp