​​Fly fishing for northern pike

A seven hour trip for up to 2 persons. Before going out on the water we will, if needed, dry practice fly casting, no earlier fly fishing skills are needed. Come experience perhaps the most fun way to fish for northern pike from a boat!

Belly boating for northern pike

During this 5 hrs fishing trip for 1-4 anglers we target northern pikes from belly boats, using fly rods. If needed, we practice fly fishing and how to maneuver a belly boat on shore, before going pout on the water. Belly boat fishing is great fun and is highly recommended for those who like adventures.

A fishing day for women

Women only!

Fishing is usually referred to as a male thing. I think it’s about time we break this myth and bring more women into fishing.  During the women only –fishing trip we spend 6 relaxing hours of fishing out on the sea. We try out different kinds of fishing gear and learn how to use it, we enjoy good food and drinks and experience the well being that fishing and nature gives. So bring your friends and enjoy fishing and Finnish nature at it’s best!

Ice fishing for northern pike

Six hours trip takes us out on the ice to hunt down those big pikes using baitfish.  Bait fishing is a highly productive and social form of winter fishing. After baiting the rods we fish for perch and tell our best fishing stories by the fireplace.
We grill sausages, eat sandwiches and drink warm juice. Food and beverages included. All fishing gear, warm clothes etc. are included in the price.

Custom fishing trips

I aim to fulfill any special wishes of my customers. Please do not hesitate to ask for out of the box fishing arrangements. I will try to meet your wishes according large groups, accommodation or dining. We can also try different fishing techniques during one and the same trip. I cooperate with fishing guides and accommodation providers in the area which makes larger groups more than welcome.​

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Zander fishing
Fishing in Finland

SouthWest Fishing Tours

Southwest Fishing Tours offers guided fishing services for

private persons, groups and companies in the Archipelago

surrounding the city of Turku in Southwestern Finland.

Come enjoy fishing in the beautiful Archipelago in the safe

hands of a professional and experienced fishing guide.

Besides fishing I also offer services as a boat driver

in the Archipelago in the Turku area, and in the summer

time towing a rubber "banana" after the boat is great fun!

SouthWest Fishing Tours offers numerous packages to suit

​the whole family.

Basic trip

A seven hours fishing trip in Finland, in the beautiful Archipelago in the area around Turku. Depending on the season we usually go for northern pike, zander or perch, but we can also fish for sea trout when the season peaks in early spring and late autumn.

Vertical jigging for zander

During this seven hours trip we focus on the beautiful zander, also known as the pike perch. We will be fishing using top of the line sonar equipment to locate the zander, a style of fishing referred to as vertical jigging. Being a fun and productive way to fish, I give my word you won’t get bored during this trip!