Imagine a world without the constant noise of traffic, bustling city streets, mayhem and pollution. Then imagine a world where the rivers run crystal clear through fantastic wild, rugged and beautiful landscape. Finally imagine a world where in those rivers lived a Salmon like monster fish that can grow to over 100 kg and fight like the devil.

If you thought such a place did not exist, you were wrong. Welcome to the wonderful world of fishing in Siberia, home of the legendary Taimen and much more.

Siberian folklore tells a story of a group of herdsmen that came across a monster Taimen that was trapped in the river ice and unable to move. The herdsmen were suffering from the hard winter and were hungry, so some brave members of their group ventured out onto the ice to where the Taimen was trapped. They were able to cut off some of its flesh, which they then shared among themselves. Having survived the winter, the herders went about their usual springtime business. When the ice melted the Taimen which survived the ordeal, escaped from its winter prison.

There are variations to the story as to what happened next including it just swam away, or that it climbed onto the land, tracked down the herders, and ate them all. We are more inclined to believe the former but prefer the latter. Either way it is not hard to understand why the Taimen is held in such high regard. It truly is a magical beast that will either leave you with the trophy shot of your life, or bitten by the Taimen bug so bad that you will never want to leave.

Siberian Taimen

The open water fishing season in Siberia runs from June through to the end of September. Being a vast and rugged area we strongly recommend anyone wanting to go in search of monster Taimen or Lenok to do so using the services of a reputable tour operator. 

Fish-Europe is pleased to recommend our friends at Fishing Tour in Siberia who operate out of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the cavernous and beautiful Siberian taiga. Fishing Tour in Siberia provide specialized fishing packages designed to ensure you catch the Siberian Taimen and Lenok of your dreams. Fishing packages includes airport pick up and transportation with a professional translator and the representative of the company on hand to meet you.

Fishing is carried out on locations such as the Severnaya River, Delingde River Tunguska River and Pashkino River with hovercraft's used to navigate the terrain.

To ensure your well being during the trip, Fishing Tour in Siberia provides a physician, cook, water transport drivers, gamekeepers, fishing guides and a translator. Traditional Siberian food is served up with three meals per day plus snacks. All you need worry about is whether your next cast should be long or short, or if you remembered to charge the camera battery so you can capture the memories of the most amazing fishing the world has to offer.

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In addition to the Taimen, Siberian rivers are home to some 40 species of freshwater fish. The traveling angler is spoiled for choice with some fantastic Grayling, Pike, Perch, Whitefish and the cunning Lenok Trout. It is simply put the lure anglers and fly-fisherman's paradise.

The Taimen is without doubt the crown jewel of Siberian fishing but the Lenok Trout and wild Grayling are also very worthy quarry that will keep the rod bent double and camera full of prize photos to show the friends back home.

Lenok Trout are stunning fish to look at with their golden flanks, dark black spots and flashes of red. It is perfectly normal for those targeting the Lenok to end the day with between 10 to 20 fish. They are aggressive takers of the fly and whether you prefer the wet or dry, you will be in for world class fishing with the Siberian Lenok's.

Fishing Tour in Siberia

Guided fishing tours in Siberia with trophy fishing for Taimen, Pike, Grayling, Perch, Whitefish and Lenok Trout. Packages designed and available to match your budget with world class fishing and experienced guides to ensure your trip is memorable and camera memory stick full.


The Siberian Taimen (Hucho taimen) is an incredible fish that can grow to over 100 kg and measure in excess of 1.5 meters long. They live in fresh water preferring flowing cold water over a stony or gravel bottom. They do not migrate to the sea  and can occasionally be found in lakes.

Taimen feed primarily on fish but will also take birds and rodents. They can be caught on the dry fly or lure from the surface providing heart stopping takes and long hard amazing battles.

Whilst not verified, the largest reported Taimen caught was claimed to be 105 kg with a length of 2.1 meters.

Lenok Trout