Perch is one of the most important target species in late summer and in the autumn. Perch jigging is a very enjoyable activity and our fishing grounds often yield specimens weighing over half a kilogram and the magical one kilo barrier is usually broken several times each season. Ask us for more information so we can time the tour just right to guarantee a bountiful catch


We troll a lot in different waters and, indeed, it is one of the surest methods for catching fish. Our brand new and modern Axopar 28 Cabin multi-purpose boat with a hull nearly 10 metres long is the ideal vessel for trolling. This boat is equipped with all the equipment you could possibly expect from a modern fishing boat. This equipment includes but is not limited to a 12″ Lowrance multi-purpose display, radar, VHF, autopilot, electric downriggers, automatic bottom tracking, three fishfinders and an electric bow-mount Motor Guide motor for anchoring. The vessel is licensed for 7 + 1 persons and the cabin can provide protection to up to six people in adverse weather. The boat is sturdy and extremely fast. The Axopar is equipped with a Mercury Verado 350 hp motor that can accelerate the boat to speeds of up to 45 knots. This boat is something you simply must experience. This particular model was awarded the title of Power Boat of the Year at the 2016 Düsseldorf Boat Show.

This boat can also be used for fast boat trips without fishing where we can comprehensively cover the most beautiful scenery the Saimaa region has to offer with all the terrific rock paintings and magnificent canals in just a few hours. There are also several spots along these routes where one might catch a glimpse of the endangered Saimaa ringed seal.


​For casting we mainly use our terrific Tracker Targa V-18 Combo boats with Suzuki’s 140 hp motors. Our company owns two identical Trackers. The boats are licensed for six persons each, which means up to 10 clients are able to fish simultaneously on these great boats. The Trackers are true fishing vessels without compromises. The boats are equipped with everything you might need for trolling and casting. This equipment includes Minn Kota bow-mount electric outboard motors that allow easy anchoring to great fishing spots via a GPS-based sky anchor. The boats also have 8″ Lowrance fishfinder / chartplotter combo devices and electric downriggers for deep fishing. You will be fishing on raised fishing platforms while enjoying the support brought by width. When moving between fishing spots you will be travelling in comfort in turning and padded cup chairs and, best of all, caught fish can be placed alive into fish chests with circulating water and at the end of the day you can pick and choose the fish you take home with you. The boats are easily transported to your location on trailers.

Lake Saimaa Fishing Travels offers the complete package with experienced fishing guides, state of the art fishing boats and equipment, plus the ability to rent beautiful well equipped lake side cottages in unbelievable surroundings. 

For detailed information on fishing trips and prices please follow the links below:

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Saimaa Fishing Travels

Fishing in Finland

Saimaa Fishing Travels operates in the waters of Lake Saimaa, primarily

in the municipalities surrounding Mikkeli. Most of our fishing is done in

Ristiina but we are also very familiar with the waters of Mikkeli, Anttola,

Puumala, Imatra and Suomenniemi and these areas represent our regular

operating territory. We can offer you unforgettable fishing experiences in

the most terrific fishing waters of Saimaa using the most advanced and

high-quality fishing tackle in the region under the tutelage of an experienced,

professional fishing guide. We offer our clients guided trolling, casting and

winter fishing tours in rich fishing waters using only the best available fishing tackle.


Pike is clearly our most popular target species and we catch incredible amounts of it each year. The catches remain plentiful throughout the fishing season and thanks to its large size the pike offers great sports fishing experiences. We fish for pike by casting and trolling. Pike is a sure choice when you want guaranteed fishing experiences!

LAKE SAIMAA Zander Fishing

Zander (Pike Perch) is perhaps our most interesting target fish. Our fishing grounds have yielded numerous big specimens weighing in at over 5 kg and the fish is a very interesting opponent when caught on the other end of a light jigging rod. We also catch Zander by trolling and there is also the option of going after the fish in a few smaller, extremely rich waters. Zander is our own favourite species and the best season for catching it starts in mid June and extends all the way to the end of August.

​Brown trout and especially landlocked salmon make for awe-inspiring opponents at the other end of the line. We follow the principles of sustainable fishing and only organize salmon species fishing tours during the cold water season so that possible catch and released fish have a better chance of survival. With salmon the catch is never guaranteed but our very extensive fishing experience has allowed us to increase the odds of a successful outing. Trout and salmon fishing is an activity reserved for true fishermen with enough patience and perseverance brought by experience. We fish for salmon using our company’s own Jackpot named bait holder with real bleak and vendace for bait. This is an extremely interesting and challenging form of fishing. The boat used on these tours is the Axopar 28 Cabin. You can also ask us about our extremely popular courses on the use of bait holder in fishing. The seasons for salmon fishing in Lake Saimaa are the month of May and from early September to the end of November.​​