There are many charter boat operators in Portugal that offer day trips for Shark fishing including Blue Shark, Hammerhead Shark and Mako Shark.

The charter boat operators can cater for novice anglers and will provide all the equipment required so you just need to hop on board, sit back and relax whilst waiting for the monster Shark to pick up the bait and scream off into the deep blue Atlantic Ocean.

​Few countries in the world can provide the opportunity to fish for giant Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Blue fin Tuna, Swordfish, Dorado, Skipjack and Amberjacks. With Marlin over 1000 Lbs and the wide variety of other big game species on offer, Portugal is an anglers paradise that can be reached with a relatively short flight from all European countries. The best time for those seeking Marlin is June through to early October whilst the water is at it's warmest.

Carp Fishing Portugal

Coarse Fishing in Portugal

The Coarse Fishing in Portugal provides Carp and Barbel anglers a wealth of opportunities to seek their quarry in unspoilt secluded spots not found elsewhere in Europe. There are miles of untapped river bank and lakes that rarely see an anglers bait waiting to be explored. With Carp in excess of 70 Lbs and the Comizo Barbel reaching weights in excess of 40 Lbs, coarse fishing in Portugal provides the chance of a lifetime to bag up with hard fighting fish in glorious surroundings.

Popular coarse fishing destinations include the River Guadiana that borders Spain and Portugal. The Portuguese rivers and lakes are home to numerous different Barbel Species including the Iberian Barbel (Barbus bocagei), Small-Headed Barbel (Barbus microcephalus), Southern Barbel (Barbus sclateri), Steindachner Barbel (Barbus steinbachneri) and the Snouted Iberian Barbel (Barbus comizo). It is the latter of these, the Comizo Barbel that can't be ignored. The hard fighting Comizo is the stuff of Barbel anglers dreams with fish reportedly sighted bigger than 45Lbs swimming in the Guadiana river. Comizo Barbel fishing tackle needs to be up to the job to ensure that once hooked, the Barbel can be landed. Standard or beefed up Carp fishing tackle with baits including luncheon meat, sweet corn, boilies and pellets will ensure this and in addition the bigger baits will keep the smaller fish at bay.

The use of a boat and the services of a fishing guide will assist reaching the best areas to target the monsters of the River Guadiana.

The Barbel in Portugal can be fished for all year round but there is a close season that runs from mid March through to Mid June.

Based in the small Portugal town of Mertola, Guardiana Fishing is able to offer guided fishing trips for Barbel, Carp, Shad and Bass on the River Guadiana and local Dams. Accommodation can be provided. The river is just a stone's throw away with easy access to the water, where you can bag up with Barbel and the occasional large river Carp.

Carp Fishing Portugal

Fishing permits in Portugal can be obtained from the ICNF web site and should be acquired in advance. As with any foreign fishing adventure, the services of a local fishing guide will not only put you on to the best fishing spots, but the guides will also have first hand knowledge on the local laws and will be able to assist with all advice needed.

Comizo Barbel

Fishing in Portugal provides the travelling angler with a vast variety of options from sea, river, natural and man-made lakes to target many kinds of salt and freshwater fish species.

The sea fishing in Portugal offers spectacular big game fishing including Blue Marlin, White Marlin. Tuna, Swordfish and Sharks.

Coarse anglers travel to Portugal for the opportunity to target the giant Comizo Barbel and wild Carp in secluded surroundings not found elsewhere.

The river fly fisherman and lure angler has a large assortment of quarry to ensure they don't go home empty handed included Bass, Shad, Zander, PikeTrout and Salmon.

​Sea Fishing in Portugal

With over 900 kilometres of coastline the sea fishing in Portugal provides limitless sport for both the shore and boat angler. Beach anglers can opt for either rocky or sandy shorelines to target Sea Bream, Bass, Mullet, Mackerel and Conger eels amongst the 200 other species. Popular locations include the Alentejo coast, beaches and coastline around Lisbon including Praia do Guincho and the Algarve where families can enjoy a spot of fishing whilst soaking up the glorious sunshine on long open sandy beaches.


Portugal offers fantastic Carp fishing from the rivers, dams and lakes alike. With Carp reaching weights above 70 Lbs and prolific carp waters that are rarely fished, Portugal offers year round Carp Fishing action. The stock consists of Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Wild Card and Crucian Carp. Being little fished for, the Carp will readily take a bait on simple rigs. Pre-baiting will help improve your catch but if not possible, then a few days fishing in the same spot will achieve a similar affect.

In addition to the Carp and Barbel fishing, the angler fishing the Portuguese freshwaters can expect to encounter Black Bass up to 10Lbs, Pike up to 40 Lbs and Zander in excess of 20 Lbs. Big Sturgeon and the European Wels Catfish growing to over 200 Lbs are frequently reported and offer another monster fish alternative for those seeking something extra.

The Alqueva Dam, Moura is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe with an area of 250 square kilometres. Situated in Southern Portugal, the lake was created when the River Guadiana, dam construction project was completed in 2002. Being relatively new, the lake is fast becoming an area of special interest with large coarse fish including Barbel, Carp, Pike and Zander to specimen size being taken today. The lake is sure to become an anglers top destination in coming years and well worth a visit now.

It should be noted that the Portuguese fishing laws prohibit night fishing and wild camping in many places. Night fishing is possible in some of the designated Carp fishing dams but be sure to check beforehand as penalties can be severe. Recent laws introduced during 2017 have also made it illegal to return some fish to the water as they are deemed as non-native.

The coastline of Portugal is abundant with long sandy beaches & rocky clifftops that provide Sea anglers with fantastic views and an excellent days sport fishing


Fishing in Portugal