Oulujoki Bream; Oulujoki Lahna
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Oulujoki Bream; Oulujoki Lahna
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Oulu River

Flowing out from Ouluj√§rvi to the Baltic Sea at Oulu port, Oulujoki offers fishing from small Roach to large Atlantic Salmon.

The river is in most parts deep and slow

flowing due to hydro-electric dams along

it's length. Fish ladders at the dams

ensure that the migratory fish including

Salmon, Sea-trout and White-fish have

plenty of opportunity to spawn. For those

interested; in the summer it is possible

to view these fish making their way

upstream at the Merikoski power plant

observation window.

The river near Oulu is slow running, wide

and deep with areas up to 10 meters

deep and an average depth of around 5-6 


Oulujoki has a  large population of Pike 

that can be caught from the boat using

trolling techniques and along with the

addition of Perch and Zander plus the

migratory fish in season it can provide

some good sport. It is not uncommon to

come away with half a dozen fish after

a few hours trolling during the summer.

The aid of a down-rigger helps significantly

boost catches. I typically fish lures with

the down-rigger set to 3 meters deep and

troll in water between 5 - 7 meters deep.

The lures I use will swim at approx 1.5

meters below the surface meaning the

lure is normally 4.5 meters deep when

trolled with the down-rigger.  If the sun

is bright it can help to go down another

meter and fish in the middle channel of the river. The type of lures to use is perhaps a matter of personal choice and for many anglers is something akin to a national secret but those I tend to use can be seen hanging out the fishes mouths on the right. Anything in green with a flash of orange will tempt the Pike. During 2014 I have also had numerous Pike on 10 cm metal spoons.

It is worth also experimenting rather than fishing on the down-rigger all the time. I have taken nice trout with the lure trolled with no weight so that it is approx 1.5 meters or less below the surface. 

The bank angler will need to check that they are in a quiet spot during the summer months as the local population like nothing better than a dip in the river on a warm summers day. There are also popular swimming beach areas close to Oulu center where jet skiing and water skiing is common. If you are able to find a quiet spot, bank fishing methods such as float fishing, pole fishing or feeder fishing can result in large bags of Roach, Bleak, Dace and Perch with the possibility to hit a shoal of Bream or catch the odd Trout. Summer season in Oulu is short and already by mid August the river is much quieter allowing for some peaceful angling.

During July when the swimmers and boaters are out in force it is possible to find quieter areas just a few kilometers upstream from Oulu itself. The banks around Turkansaari are normally worth a visit. The river is bordered by farmers fields and is easily accessible with parking in the Turkansaari visitors car park. The area is good for feeder fishing with plenty of decent Roach plus the chance for some Bream. A dead-bait cast from the bank will tempt the marauding Pike and any other predators in the area.

Oulujoki provides opportunities for Sea Trout and Salmon fishing near the Oulu City Center with some of the best Sea Trout sport coming in the late autumn months too those hardy enough to brave it. In addition there are also some decent sized stocked Rainbow Trout that are willing to take the trolled lure.

An Oulujoki lure fishing permit is required in addition to the national fishing license.

Oulujoki licenses can be purchased either from Oulu10 services in the town center at Torikatu 10 (mon - Fri) or for those with a Finnish mobile phone contract, the license can also be ordered by SMS with the bill coming to the mobile phone.

Oulujoki fishing licenses call also be purchased online from Kalapassi at: https://www.kalapassi.fi

Note : There are numerous restrictions related to where and how to fish on Oulujoki so be sure to check in advance that you are not going to end up on the wrong side of the law: 2014 rules and regulations can be found at the link below (Finnish only). It's important to remember that when fishing from the bank only two rods can be used. The boat angler may use a maximum of four rods.

Oulujoki fishing information

Oulujoki Bream; Oulujoki Lahna