To fishermen Norway is the place where the world ends and paradise begins. Whether you prefer to fish freshwater for monster Atlantic Salmon, Trout and Char or head north to Sørøya to battle with monster Cod, Halibut and Wolffish; there is no finer place in the world than Norway.

With it's rugged landscape, rolling rivers and streams, miles upon miles of unspoiled beautiful coastline and fjords, Norway is simply breathtaking all year round. The appearance of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) dancing in the distant sky will send shivers of excitement down your spine as you haul in yet another fish of a lifetime.

Fishing in Norway is possible all year round and has something to offer for any visiting angler. The thousands of rivers and lakes can be fished for very little cost in search of a wide array of species including Salmon, Trout, Char, Graying, Pike, Perch and Whitefish.

The Norwegian Sea is a larder full of record breaking fish with huge catches possible both in terms of quantity and size. Sea anglers traveling to Norway can expect to encounter Cod, Coalfish, Wolffish, Halibut, Plaice, Pollack, Norwegian Redfish, Ling, Tusk and Mackerel.

Above the Arctic Circle during the summer it is possible to fish 24 hours a day under the midnight sun. For anyone that has not experienced the Scandinavian summer, this constant daylight is worth the trip alone. The late winter and early spring is the time to head north to experience the unbelievable Skrei Cod fishing.

Monster Cod

Photo credit: Big Fish Adventure 

Photo credit: Big Fish Adventure 

Photo credit: Big Fish Adventure 

Photo credit: Big Fish Adventure 

Monster Cod
Cod fishing Norway
Monster Cod


Photo credit: Big Fish Adventure 

Smaller Halibut in the 30-40 kg range are mainly found in the shallower waters and are present in numbers all throughout the season. 30-40 kg is not exactly small of course and these Halibut provide amazing sport for those who wish to target them. They can be caught from relatively small boats as there is no need to venture far from the shore to find them.

The big monster Halibut prefers to reside in the deeper water for much of the year. In late summer they move closer in to shallower water for feeding. The months of  August and September are the best time to target the large Norwegian Halibut.

Norway also provides excellent Catfish angling with the the Atlantic Wolffish being the most common of the Catfish species. Wolffish can grow to weights in excess of 20 kg and are often caught not far from the coastline. Locally the Wolffish is considered somewhat of a delicacy with very tasty meat despite it's appearance as a ferocious and perhaps rather ugly looking beast.

The Norwegian summer period also provides anglers with great sport battling big Coalfish, Ling, Pollack and Tusk that all can reach weights in excess of 10 kg. The Norwegian record Ling caught on rod and line is over 37 kg. All this adds up to some mind boggling salt water Sea fishing that can't be equaled anywhere else in the world. Norway in general and Sørøya in particular really are the ultimate angling paradise.

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A deep sea fishing stay at Sørøya is an exotic arctic adventure where you are close to nature and yourself. This is a vacation guaranteed to stimulate your senses, and you will never forget the encounter with the big fish.

The Sea fishing season in Sørøya kicks-off with a bang in March-April when the Arctic Cod come down to the fjords for spawning. This is the prime time for the angler seeking to catch monster Cod in the 20 to 30 kg range with multiple fish per day possible.  

The Norwegian winter can be extremely cold and harsh. On milder calm days the Norwegian Sea and coastline offers incredible scenic views with the arm wrenching Cod fishing action keeping you warm.

Although there may be a few days in port due to bad weather, you have a great chance to catch the coveted trophy fish of your dreams.


May, June and July offer the most stable fishing weather and the lovely midnight sun in the northern parts of Norway. With long, bright days, 24 hour fishing is possible if desired. The dream of the monster Cod draws most deep sea anglers to Norway at this time of the year. In addition to chasing the big Cod, summer also provides the opportunity to catch massive Coalfish, stunning Norwegian Redfish and the fearsome looking Atlantic Wolffish.

Many anglers travel to Sørøya in the summer and autumn to do battle with the monster Halibut that reaches incredible sizes and provides a fight that will leave you physically exhausted and emotionally drained but highly elated.

In 2015 a German angler caught an incredible Norwegian Halibut that weighed a whopping 513 lbs and measured 9 feet in length. It took 90 minutes from the time of the take to actually subduing it. The monster Halibut was too big for the small boat, so had to be towed into shore by tying a rope round it's tail. It was then hoisted on to the quayside by a crane, weighed and donated to a local fishmonger. Whilst not all Halibut caught in Norway are quite so large, you can be sure of world class fishing at Sørøya without doubt.