Mythical Monster Pike

It doesn't matter where in Europe you grew up but the chance are if you grew up during the 1960-1970 era into a Pike fishing family you would of heard many a tale of Monster Pike throughout the years that made the hair on the back of the neck stand up or sent shivers down the back of the spine. This was the stuff of your dreams and made all the cold wet fish-less days on the bank in the dark,rainy, cold midst of winter all the more worth whilst.

Y​​oung anglers in the UK and Ireland were inspired with tales of Monster Pike from the Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike by Fred Buller, or sat up by the firelight on a dark night listening to their fathers recall tales of the beast from Loch Lomond or River Thames into the small hours. The Loch Lomond Endrick river Pike head found in 1934 is the stuff of legends with highly respected anglers of later generations including the god-father of modern Carp fishing, Dick Walker stating that the complete fish would of weighed in as a 70lb Pike. This statement from Dick Walker has also been repeated by many other highly reputable anglers including Fred Buller himself over the years. The head of this Endrick beast is displayed alongside a 20lb Pike in the Glasgow Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum and is clearly around 4 times the size of it's smaller but also not so small Esox partner.

In Germany the budding young Pike Angler grew up hearing about divers inspecting the Mohnesee dam when they saw Pike so big that they refused to go back under the water again. In Norway the young Pike Angler will remember tales of the 70lb River Tana Monster caught by Nils Valle in 1952.

There are no doubt similar stories are recounted all over Europe from Northern Lapland to Southern Italy and hopefully these stories will continue for many years as it this desire for the unknown that drives many a Pike angler forward.

Monster Pike

Mythical Monster Pike