Monster Zander

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River Po Zander

So what exactly classifies a Zander (Sander lucioperca) as a true

Monster Zander?

Whilst in some European countries such as France or Holland a Zander is

judged by it's length. In other European countries others such as the UK

the real measure of a Zander is judged by it's weight. Either way few fish

stir up the passion more than the sight of a monster sized Zander staring

at the camera with those fearsome teeth and predatory killer eyes.

A big Zander is an awesome sight to behold and should be treasured by

all anglers regardless if you fish for them or not.

The magical 100 cm or 20 lbs Zander is out of the reach for most Zander

anglers but such beasts do exist and must be amazing to see.

For many years when first introduced to countries such as the UK, the 

Zander was considered an alien nuisance species that should be killed

on sight. Thankfully opinions are changing and many see the Zander 

for what it is - An awesome fish that is worthy of it's place in our lakes,

​canals and rivers.

River Po Zander

The monster Zander below is the current UK record Zander at 21 lbs 5 oz caught by James Benfield in 2007 from the River Severn at Upper Lode. James who was 19 years old at the time was Bream fishing when the monster Zander took his Halibut pellet. It is the first capture of a Zander from the UK over the magical 20 lbs mark. 

James has since banked impressive Zander over 18 lbs to prove whilst this particular fish may of been a bit lucky he is by all accounts a credible Zander angler.

Big Zander Finland

Strike Pro TV - Pelagic Sharpshooting with Cecilia Grönberg

The brace below has to be the largest brace of Zander ever to have graced the bank at any time. It is an awesome achievement by Finnish anglers Toni Ikävalko and Eero Mattila that will probably never be repeated anywhere in the world. The pair were fishing in Southern Finland in the area of Southern Häme during May of 2012. The exact location was rightly never disclosed to ensure the lake was not swamped by an army of anglers wanting to catch the beasts for themselves.

The monster Zander were taken whilst the pair were trolling 13 cm HK-Varman Kalkkaro lures.

​The biggest on the left is 31 Lbs (14,095 Kg) with the smaller being an incredible fish in it's own right at 27 Lbs (12,270 Kg). Both anglers are no strangers to catching monster Zander and Eero Mattila had previously held the Finnish Zander record with a fish he had caught in 2012 of 25 Lbs (11.5 Kg).

This monster Zander below was caught by Italian angler Dino Ferrari from the River Po. Whilst it's weight was not recorded it is clearly a fish in the 22 lbs+ (10 Kg) range and a superb specimen without doubt.

Monster Zander - FINLAND

Big Zander

This beast of a Zander below was taken from the River Po in Italy by the big-fish specialist Marco Turrini. Weighing in at an amazing 25lb 6oz, the Zander was caught on a 6 inch rubber Kopyto Shad with 30g jig head. Marco was fishing from a boat at the time in an area of fast flowing river at Cremona. The picture does real justice to the fearsome reputation that the Zander has. 

Monster Zander - Italy

Monster Zander - UK