The waters of Europe are home to monster Trout of all types from

the hand-reared Rainbow Trout of the UK to the Wild Ferrox Trout

and Taimen that inhabit the rivers and lakes of northern Europe in


The various Trout strains across Europe bring a lot of variety to the Trout angler. Whether your passion lies with lure fishing, bait fishing

or the more traditional dry-fly fishing, there are some real monster Trout in these waters ready to pull your line.

​Monster Huchen inhabit European waters and have been know to grow in excess of 110 Lbs (50 Kg). The Huchen is a a true monster fish that can fight like crazy and has broken many an anglers heart with lost fish at the end of an amazing battle.

Big Rainbow Trout

Monster Brown Trout

Big Rainbow Trout

Monster Rainbow trout

Monster Trout

A monster Huchen at 25 Kg+

Big Trout

This beast of a Brown Trout below is an amazing specimen. Some over the years have cast doubt about whether it's a pure Brown Trout or a hybrid Trout crossed between a lake and Brown Trout. It was caught in 2007 from Austria by fly fishing angler Hans Peter Schaar who was fishing a streamer fly on a River near Flattac of the Drau District in the Austrian state of Carinthia. The monster Trout measured 106 cm in length with a girth of 69 cm and pulled the scales down to an incredible 36 lbs (16.4 Kg)

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Big Huchen

The monster Rainbow Trout below was taken by UK angler Michael Mitchell whilst fishing at Loch Earn, Scotland in 2016. The fish was caught using maggot as bait and measured 38 inches (96 cm) pulling the scales down to an incredible 34lbs 12ozs (15.4 Kg). The monster Trout beat the previous record that stood at just over one pound lighter. ​

The monster Huchen below was taken from the ​River Drau, at Gummern in Austria by angler Edwin Bucharcher. The monster Huchen measured 137 cm and pulled the scales down to 69 Lbs (31.5 Kg)

Monster Huchen