Monster Salmon - Finland

This monster Salmon below was caught by English angler Shirley Deterding from the River Alta in Norway. It is an impressive specimen that weighed 40 Lbs.

This beast of a Salmon below was taken from the River Tana in Norway by fishing guide Håkon Henriksen in 2006. It was caught where the River Korselva joins the River Tana. Håkon was fishing from a boat at the Skipagurrastryket rapids and took the fish on a red wobbler lure. The monster Salmon measured 134 cm and weighed an impressive 57 Lbs (26 Kg).

Monster Salmon Finland

Lithuania may not be somewhere commonly thought of as a big Salmon venue but nothing could be further from the truth as the picture below shows. This monster Salmon measured 136cm and weighed an incredible 25.6kg.

Thanks to conservation efforts more Baltic Salmon and Sea Trout are entering the rivers.​ The most popular Salmon fishing river in the country is the River Neris where 20 kg+ Salmon are present during the season.

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Georgina Ballantine Salmon

The monster salmon below will need no introduction to UK based Salmon Anglers. Georgina Ballantine rocked the Salmon fishing world on October 7th 1922. She was fishing the Glendelvine stretch of the River Tay in Scotland from a boat with her father who was a top fly fisherman and ghillie at the time.

The story is well documented with tales of a two hour battle going on into the dark hours. The fish put up a hard fight making 200-300 yard runs before it was finally subdued by an exhausted Georgina half a mile from where it was hooked.

The Salmon weighed a whopping 64 Lb and is still the UK record today, almost 100 years later.​ There is a cast of the fish on display at the Perth Museum for anyone wishing to revisit one of angling's finest achievements.

Monster Salmon Finland

The monster Salmon below comes from Sweden caught by angler Uwe Lehrer in 2011 from the Bergeforsen river. Uwe caught the fish using a streamer fly. The Salmon measured 127 cm and weighed a whopping 64 Lbs (29.2 Kg).

Monster Salmon Norway

Monster Salmon - UK

48lbs salmon on the Lakselva, Norway

Photo credit: Sveinung Svendsen

The monster Salmon below was caught by Saku Luukkonen from the Teno River (Tenojoki) at 51.8 Lbs (23.5 Kg) and measured 128 cm. 

Georgina Ballantine Salmon

Monster Salmon - Sweden

So what exactly classifies an Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) as a true

Monster Salmon?

Atlantic Salmon grow big in Europe with the current Salmon record being ​a massive 79 lb 2 oz (35.89 Kg) fish caught by Henrik Henriksen from the Norwegian Tana River back in 1928

The magical 40 lbs or 20 Kg Salmon is out of the reach for most Salmon anglers but such beasts do exist and get caught from Scandinavian rivers fairly often.

The northern European rivers of Norway, Sweden and Finland are vast

fast moving bodies of water that are home to some truly huge monster

Salmon. Not being limited to Scandinavia the Atlantic Salmon are also

often caught in UK waters with good sized fish caught from the rivers of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales every year.​

Weighing in at 26.69 Kg and measuring 137 cm in length with a girth of 76 cm around the abdomen, the Monster Salmon below was taken on a Thunder and Lightning tube fly by angler Ulf-Arne Jungård Nilsen from River Alta. 

The monster Salmon below is another example of the potential of the Finnish Rivers. This beast below is a wonderful coloured fish that weighed a thumping 23 kg.​

The monster Salmon below comes from Finland caught by angler Harri Matikainen from the Teno river (Tenojoki). Harri is no stranger to big Salmon but this beast stands out among some of his other fantastic catches. The Salmon was caught form a boat and measured 140 cm with a girth of 74 cm. The monster Salmon weighed a whopping 55 Lbs (25.020 Kg).

Monster Salmon Norway
Monster Salmon Sweden

Monster Salmon skaitytojo nuotr

Monster Salmon Tenojoki
Monster Salmon Tenojoki
Georgina Ballantine Salmon

The monster Salmon below is another example of the potential of the Swedish Rivers. This beast was taken by Magnus Fagerström from Bergsjö. The Salmon was caught by Magnus whilst fly-fishing in the River Ljungan. It measured 127 cm but unfortunately was not weighed as Magnus's scales only went to 10 Kg. The fish is estimated to be in the region of 25 Kg.​

Monster Salmon - Lithuania 

Monster Salmon - Norway

Monster Salmon Sweden


Monster Salmon Finland

Courtesy of Teno Salmon Research, this beast below is a superb example of the quality of Salmon that grace the waters of Tenojoki in northern Finland