Monster Pike

Over the years there have been some huge Monster Pike caught from Scandinavia. Despite the colder climate, Pike can grow very big feeding all year round in the Baltic Sea, lakes and rivers. Click through to be truly amazed.

Monster Pike
Monster Pike
Monster Pike

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With large Trout rich venues such as Llandegfedd Reservoir, Chew Valley, the Scottish Lochs and smaller Trout waters, the UK has throw up some truly impressive Monster Pike over the years.

Few can doubt that Italy in southern Europe is home to some of the most stunning Pike in the world. Their Immense size and vivid colours make these Italian Pike the stuff of any anglers dreams.

Germany holds the current official world record Pike with an incredible 55lb Monster. With some amazing lakes stocked full of Bream and Roach and huge rivers it would not be a big surprise to see that record broken once again from German waters.

Many angling youngsters have sat up into the small hours of the night listening to fathers and grand fathers telling tales of Monster Pike caught in various mystical locations such as Loch Lomond and huge lakes in Germany. Fact or fiction - You can decide 

Monster Pike

So what exactly classifies a Pike (Esox lucius) as a true Monster Pike?

Whilst in some European countries such as France or Holland a Pike is

judged by it's length. In other European countries others such as the UK

the real measure of a Pike is judged by it's weight. Either way few fish

stir up the passion more than the sight of a monster sized Pike staring

at the camera with those fearsome teeth and predatory killer eyes.

A big Pike is an awesome sight to behold and should be treasured by

all anglers regardless if you fish for them or not.

Many a young angler was lured into the world of fishing at an early age

by gazing at pictures in angling books and magazines of big Pike caught

over the years. Some ​of these fish have gone on to become part of

angling folklore, some have become almost mythical in that over the

period of time the fishermen stories have grown in a way that the line

between fact and fiction has become somewhat blurred. All this

adds to the mystery that captivated our curios minds as

young angler starting out.

Monster Pike
Monster Pike


Holland is an amazing country that is home to fantastic fishing for many species. The predatory fishing is second to none and as you will see when clicking the link, Holland has some incredible Pike fishing that is without doubt alongside the best in the world.

Terry Knight's Monster Pike : 43lb 13oz from Wykeham Lakes

Perhaps not as well known as a Monster Pike venue as some other European countries, there is no doubt that the French shores are home to some fantastic specimens. Click through to be truly amazed.

Monster Pike