Lohijoki offers guided fishing trips to some of the best Salmon and Sea Trout rivers in Scandinavia including Tornionjoki, Merikarvianjoki and Kokemäenjoki. See below for details about the fantastic fishing these rivers have to offer.

Salmon Fishing

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Salmon Fishing in Finland


Flowing in a lush verdant leafy landscape in the heart of Satakunta County, the Kokemäenjoki River offers with the help of our skilled guides a good possibility for catching the upstream migrating Salmon, Sea trout or Rainbow trout. The Nakkila Rapids are one of the most certain, if not exactly the most certain place in Finland to meet a trout that has just swum up from the sea. There are 7 beautiful locations of rapids and water flow areas in the territory of the Nakkila municipality. With the river boats at our disposal it is possible to move in the area of all these rapids irrespective of the water conditions.

In low water conditions fishing is splendid from the riverbank. In high water conditions, the boat and the spinning pier of our company designed for such conditions will be needed. The water in the Kokemäenjoki River is sometimes turbid from rainfalls but is well fishable during the most of the fishing season. The Nakkila Rapids are often challenging for a first-timer, but just one day in the company of the Lohijoki guides will give you lots of know-how for your future trips.

Kokemäenjoki FISH SPECIES

Salmon: At Nakkila Rapids you can fish for the king of fish in a trip guided by Lohijoki. The Salmon swims up the river starting from the Midsummer Day and the fishing season continues until the freezing period. The surest fishing period for Salmon is autumn.

Sea Trout: The Nakkila Rapids are one of the most certain, if not exactly the most certain place in Finland to meet the Sea Trout that has just swum up from the sea. The Sea Trout swims up the river during the whole open water period. The most abundant migration takes place in spring and autumn, but also in summertime big Sea Trout swim up the river. The average size of the Sea Trout is very big at Nakkila Rapids, the biggest fish stretching the scales up to eight kilograms.

Rainbow Trout: At Nakkila Rapids it is possible to fish for Rainbow Trout during the whole open water period. The catch is a topmost certainty. Catch size Rainbow Trout are released into the fishing area all the time from spring to autumn.

Other fish: The river is abundant with other fish especially Zander, Perch, Asp and Chub.


The river Merikarvianjoki flows through the center of the most beautiful Finnish countryside.

Due to the small size of the river, it suits perfectly both for fly fishing and casting. In big water conditions it`s also possible to fish from the rowboat. The catch is mostly Rainbow Trout because large numbers of them are released to the river. But if you are lucky you might hook a Sea Trout or a Salmon.


Salmon: Salmon start migrating up the river in July or August. Due to the small size of the river the best time to catch a Salmon is in the autumn.

Sea Trout: Sea Trout run up the river in early spring from April to June. Also late autumn works for fresh Sea Trout. The size of the river is perfect for light fly fishing and spinning.

Rainbow Trout: Huge amounts of catch size Rainbow Trout are released into the river throughout the whole of the open water period. That gives a good chance to hook one even if you are a beginner. The biggest Rainbow Trout released to the river usually weigh in the 4-8 Kg bracket.


River Tornio is Europe's largest free-flowing Salmon river. The river is still close to its natural state and Salmon catches have been very good in recent years. A fresh 10 Kg salmon is nothing out of the ordinary in Torniojoki. The biggest fish hit the scales with massive 20+Kg numbers. The average weight of River Tornio`s Salmon is one of the highest in the world. Up here you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape and the peaceful atmosphere of Lapland, far away from all the big city rush.

River Tornio is a really big river. The most effective way to fish in River Tornio is harling with Lappish wooden riverboats. This is where our guides years of experience can give you really good results. Off course fishing from the river bank is also a possibility.

Lohijoki can arrange accommodation stationed right next to the river close to hot Salmon fishing areas like Korpikoski, Muurassaari and Tolpinniva

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Salmon Fishing
Salmon Fishing

Lohijoki - West Coast Fishing Guides offer guided fishing trips for Salmon,

Sea Trout,and Brown Trout in some of Europe's most prolific Salmon rivers.

With a team of expert professional fishing guides plus access to some of

the best Salmon and Sea Trout rivers in Scandinavia, Lohijoki will provide

you with an experience you will  never forget.

Lohijoki offers ready-made fishing packages for companies, collective

bodies and  individuals. The fishing packages of the river Kokemäenjoki and

the river Meriakarvianjoki include Rowboat fishing, Riverbank fishing and Fly

fishing. Lohijoki can also provide guided fishing, accommodation and boat

rental on the amazing and wild Tornionjoki (River Tornio).

Lohijoki employs local professional fishing guides that know the waters like the backs of their hands. With their expertise and local knowledge you will be in the best hands to really stand a chance to catch the fish of your dreams.

Kimmo Puosi

Kimmo has been trained as a wildernes guide and an ichthyologist.

Kimmo is a barefoot guy from Nakkila who has fished at the foamy

Nakkila Rapids for all of his life. Kimmo knows each hot spot at the

rapids like his own pocket. Kimmo is skilled in many different methods

of river fishing. Kimmo has mastered equally smoothly fly fishing

both with single-hand and two-hand fishing tackle,spinning rod

fishing from the riverbank and rowboat fishing. Kimmo is familiar

with all the Finnish and some Norwegian Salmon rivers.

Lasse Pauhe

Lasse has been in the Salmon and Sea Trout fishing harness for the

last 15 years. Lasse’s passion is with rowboat fishing but also fly fishing

and spinning have become well-known to him over the years. Lasse is

familiar with all the Finnish Salmon rivers, as well as with some

Scandinavian rivers. At the Nakkila Rapids Lasse has been actively

fishing for more than ten years.

Lasse is trained as a fishing guide.

​Jari Iiliäinen

Jari is an undisputed rowboat fishing expert in the company.

Jari has been fishing at the Nakkila Rapids for over 15 years.

Hardly anybody has caught as many migrating fish from the

Nakkila Rapids as Jari. If you wish to learn all about rowboat fishing,

ask Jari to be your guide. Jari has also knocked about many other

Scandinavian Salmon rivers for years.

Jari has a fishing guide’s qualification certificate in his back pocket.