The River Ebro in Spain is an angling paradise for those in search of monster Catfish and Carp. It has been estimated that the Ebro holds in excess of 5 million Catfish with monsters growing to 200 Lbs plus.

Not just a Catfish and Carp anglers paradise, Spain also has some world class Barbel fishing with fish over the 40 Lb mark lurking in the Spanish waters. Add to that some excellent fly and Sea fishing and it's not hard so see why so many head there every year.

If you are looking for somewhere to bag up on Monster Catfish and Carp, the River Ebro is for you.

Whilst Siberia may not be in Europe the culture is quite similar to that in Northern Lapland and the fishing is simply out of this world. It's so good we simply could not leave it out.

Home to the monstrous  Taimen and approx 40 other freshwater fish species, Siberia is the stuff of anglers fantasies. Stunning scenery combined with wild raging rivers, monster fish and friendly hosts will ensure your trip to Siberia is one you will never forget.

With the mythical Taimen, monster Grayling & Lenok Trout, fishing in Siberia will fulfill you dreams.

Fishing in Scotland
Fishing in Spain

Visiting a foreign country can be a daunting task and finding a good fishing location can be difficult without any prior knowledge. The best anglers in the world would struggle to catch fish if they are fishing in the wrong location.

Whilst there are no guarantees in fishing, a little investigation and local knowledge goes a long way to removing some of the uncertainty. 

The Fish-Europe location pages provide insight related to fishing within different countries around Europe. We will show you what can be expected, what fish can be caught, what tackle is required, what fishing methods catch the fish and other useful tips and advice.

Being armed with the most knowledge available will help you with your adventure but their is no substitute for local knowledge. The services of local fishing guide for a day or two will significantly help increase your catch rate.

The Fish-Europe fishing guide section will put you in touch with expert fishing guides available in Europe. Our recommended guides are selected from the best available and are professional award winning anglers backed by leading fishing tackle and boating companies.

Of course a fishing guide is not mandatory and regardless of your choice you can be sure of something fantastic fishing in amazing surroundings in any of the countries below.

Fishing in Europe - Location


Fishing in Portugal offers excellent sea, game & coarse fishing under sunny skies set in beautiful surroundings where the whole family can relax on the beach under the sun whilst chasing the fish of a lifetime.

With fishing for monstrous Blue and White Marlin, Blue Shark, fabled hard fighting Comizo Barbel and wild river Carp, Portugal is an angling paradise with many untapped waters waiting for you to cast your line. 

Whether it's the sea fishing charter boats out of the Algarve or the River Guadiana you fancy, Portugal has a lot to offer the visiting angler.

Fishing in Siberia



Fishing in Norway



With over 100,000 lakes, miles of accessible sea shore plus numerous rivers and streams, the travelling angler will be sure to find something to satisfy their needs.

Fishing in Finland provides sport with Salmon, Trout, Grayling and Char to tempt the fly fisherman. Coarse fishing includes Pike, Zander, Roach, Perch and Bream among others. ​There are plenty of opportunities to fish for these and species such as Burbot and Whitefish in all parts of the country.

Whether you fish in a group of prefer solitude and silence, fishing in Finland can provide it all.

Fishing in Siberia

Located geographically at the top of Europe, many will argue that Norway also sits on top of the continent when it come to the best fishing destinations for certain species..

Fishing in Norway provides fantastic sport and is the worlds best destination for Cod fishing. Norway is not just about the Cod, but also offers some of Europe's best Salmon fishing in addition to Sea Trout, Arctic Char. Monster Halibut, Wolffish and Coalfish all provide action packed rod bending fun.

Whether you prefer the freshwater or the salt,  fishing in Norway has it all in abundance.







Fishing in France

It has been said that France has more lakes, rivers and stream available for fishing than the rest of Europe combined. There is no doubt that the country has some of the best Carp fishing available anywhere.

Not just a Carp anglers paradise, France also has some world class Catfish fishing with monster fish over the 200 Lb mark lurking in the French waters. Add to that some excellent Trout fishing and it's not hard so see why so many anglers head there every year.

If you are looking for somewhere to bag up on Monster Carp,  fishing in France will fulfill your dreams.

Fishing in Finland

There is little more traditional in life than Scotland and Salmon fishing other than perhaps Scotland and malt whiskey. With it's legendary Salmon rivers and rugged countryside, Scotland is an anglers paradise.

Scotland not only offers up some of the best Salmon fishing available in the world but can also provide fantastic Pike, Sea Trout, Brown Trout and Grayling fishing to tempt you. With over 6000 miles of coastline there is also excellent Sea fishing available for Cod, Mackerel Sea Bass and giant Skate.

Whatever your quarry, fishing in Scotland will be a spectacular adventure that you will cherish forever.