Les Lacs du Verger Orchard lake
Les Lacs du Verger Orchard lake

The two lake complex is located in the Champagne Region of France with easy access to the main arterial routes and the nearby town of Vitry-Le-Francois where all provisions are available.

As mature gravel pits, Orchard and Willow Lakes are clean bottomed with all areas accessible and fishable. All of the swims have been sited to give the best access to open water and the marginal features whilst maintaining a minimal impact on the other anglers and their fishing.

A great deal of effort has gone into making the environment as angler friendly as possible with good and dry access to the swims, all of which are within easy walking distance of the car parking and catering facilities.

​Orchard Lake

Orchard Lake offers a higher stock level of fish providing greater opportunities for a successful weeks fishing

Willow Lake

Willow Lake offers a more challenging experience with a lower stock level of fish at a much higher average weigh​t.

Orchard Lake

Orchard Lake is tree lined for total privacy and since its original opening in 2003 has won the acclaim of offering one of the best opportunities for landing not only large carp but large catches too! Many have achieved their personal best time and again on this water which is estimated to hold 250+ carp between 20 and 56lbs+ with an average weight of 33lb+, grass carp between 24 and 45lbs and catfish to 140lbs+.

The lake itself is just under five acres but will comfortably accommodate five anglers offering the opportunity to move around and change swims if you are looking for a change of scenery. The lake is gravel bottomed with an average depth of six foot with marginal depths to around four foot and the lake has three islands, secluded reedy bays and some deep marginal areas. The lake has a high stock level of quality fish providing ample opportunities for a successful weeks fishing.

Les Lacs du Verge opens in early March and the fish will be in tip top condition and at very good weights after the extensive winter feeding campaign. October and November are also great months to catch the carp at their top weights.

The summer months are generally very hot in France and as you all know the fishing is very much dependent on the weather – however, the catch reports prove that great fishing can be had throughout the season at Les Lacs du Verger.

Les Lacs du Verger Willow lake
Les Lacs du Verger Carp fishing
Les Lacs du Verger

Les Lacs du Verger is essentially a "drive and survive" venue offering a carp fishing experience to those wishing to be totally independent and cater for themselves for the duration of the trip,

The nearest supermarket is just 10 minutes away in the town of Vitry le Francois which also offers restaurants, cafes, bars and a range of shops selling the local produce with take-away meals also available.

For those looking for a bit more support Les Lacs du Verger are able to co-ordinate the purchase of local basic supplies such as water, bread, milk and basic ingredients which can be organized on a daily basis by prior arrangement.

The water on site is sourced via a well and whilst it is safe for showering, washing and washing up it is not suitable for drinking. Bottled water is recommend, with a supply made ready for the Sunday after your arrival when the shops and supermarkets are closed. This can be supplied by prior arrangement.

Les Lacs du Verger provides the ability to purchase high quality boillies and particle mix on site to ensure that the quality of water and fish health is maintained to the highest possible standard.

Les Lacs du Verger Carp
Les Lacs du Verger

Phone.: + 44 (0) 1763 208 699 

Willow Lake

Willow Lake, equally attractive and picturesque as Orchard Lake, is just over four and a half acres in extent and comfortably accommodates the four anglers which has been set as the generous limit for this water. Adjacent to Orchard lake this water is not quite so heavily stocked and offers a more challenging experience containing around 80 carp between 35 and 60lbs+ with a much higher average weight of 41lb+ than Orchard Lake.

As with Orchard, the lake has a gravel bottom with some silty areas and many features such as gravels bars, plateaus, shallow areas and tree lined margins.

The fishing packages on Les Lacs du Verger are offered on a totally flexible basis and tailored to your precise needs by prior arrangement with their team.

You can fish the lakes on a totally independent "Drive and Survive" basis, or they can go a step further by assisting with the co-ordination of your supplies, and can add a full meal package to your deal.

Every angler is provided with a weigh mat and sling on arrival, and they ask that you do not bring these items with you to prevent the potential spread of disease.

As as an added service Les Lacs du Verger offers a range of the more bulky items for hire or for sale if required, including bivvies and bed-chairs.

First class washroom and self catering facilities are made available to all customers, helping to make your trip as enjoyable and as civilized as possible.

Les Lacs du Verger Willow lake

Les Lacs du Verger

Les Lacs du Verger