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Lake Saimaa Fishing
Lake Saimaa Fishing


Lake Saimaa

Located in the southeastern part of Finland, Lake Saimaa is a vast sprawling lake of immense size. It is the largest lake in Finland and the forth largest freshwater lake in Europe. The surface area covers 4,400 km2 and contains thousands of Islands. peninsula's and bays which are home to many species of fish including Pike, Perch, Zander, Trout and the much sought after landlocked Salmon. In addition Lake Saimaa holds large stocks of Vendace, which provide the predators with plenty of prey.

With Grayling, Roach, Rudd,  Bream, Whitfish, Ide and Burbot present in numbers the angler has plenty of species to target.

Lake Saimaa is a relic from the ice-age and an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is home to the Lake Saimaa Seal, which is one of the most  endangered Seal species in the world. The Lake Saimaa Seal population are descendants from Ringed Seals that were cut-off and isolated when the land rose after the last ice age.

Lake Saimaa consists of a few large main water area's or basins such as Haukivesi, Orivesi, Pyhäselkä, Pihlajavesi, Puruvesi, and Suur-Saimaa which are interconnected with channels of water forming a huge expanse of water. The shoreline of Lake Saimaa is stated to be at 13,700 km. 

Lake Saimaa  has an average depth of 17 meters dropping to approx 80 meters in the deepest areas. Trolling lures with a down-rigger set just 1-2 meters off the bottom will provide decent Pike, Zander, Trout, Lake Salmon & Perch. On a warm summers evening trolling with lures 1-2 meters below the surface can provide fast & furious action as the predators feed on the shoals of Vendace and other small prey fish up high in the water.

Lake Saimaa has a dense population of Zander with many fish falling to trolled lures being in the range of 1-2 kilos. Larger specimens (5 kg +) will also fall to the lure along with decent sized Pike. The addition of big Brown Trout or Lake Salmon ensures plenty of variety, fast action and some of the best fishing Scandinavia has to offer.

For the first time visiting angler, fishing Lake Saimaa will look like a daunting prospect. With so much water the task of knowing where to start and what methods to use will be greatly simplified by taking advantage of local expertise in the form of a guided fishing trip.

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Lake Saimaa Fishing