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The Shad, once abundant in Europe, but now sadly in decline, still run the Guadiana. These mini Tarpon give excellent sport on the fly with spectacular leaps and long runs. From mid April until the end of June,excellent fishing can be had from the banks, but the best fishing is from one of our boats with a guide. With a 6wt or an 8wt rod with a floating line and sink tip, and gold sparkler for all day action.

​The river contains mainly Twaite Shad but also running alongside are a few, but bigger Allis shad. These fish pound for pound probably fight harder than rainbows with their lightning fast runs and spectacular leaps. Every take could be a record. That is what fishing in Portugal is all about. Trips can be tailored to suit your needs including the supply of fishing guide, boats, rods and reels.

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FLY FISHING FOR Largemouth Bass 

Largemouth Bass renowned for their explosive strikes and spectacular leaps the Largemouth Bass is revered by millions of anglers in America, while most European fisherman don't realise what a fantastic stock we have in Portugal.

The reservoirs along Portugals Guadiana river basin probably produce some of the best Largemouth Bass fishing in Europe. The Largemouth bass with its ferocious appetite and aggressive strikes at the bait provides great sport for new and experienced anglers. Fishing from the boat we can hunt and find the bait fish silently with an electric motor and sonar. Find the bait fish, usually bleak, and the Largemouth bass are not far away.

Many of the anglers from Northern Europe who come fishing with me for Largemouth Bass are suprised how the nature of the bites can change during the course of the days fishing. In the early morning the bass are exploding on the surface chasing poppers, and in the afternoon tiny touches nipping at a jigged jelly worm. Most of the fishing is with lures, poppers, plugs and crank baits, and fly fishing for Largemouth Bass can be great fun.​


An unusual town cottage in the heart of Mertola's historic quarter, Casa Comizo nestles amongst a setlement that has been
here for at least two thousand years. and close to the walls of the castle that dominates the town. With views over the Guadiana river, the house offers a cosy home after a good days fishing. Downstairs is the open plan living room and kitchen, with cooker a microwave and a toaster.

The living room area is cooled and heated by an air conditioning unit. A door from the living room leads to the shower room. The house does not have a television, but has free wifi and a music system that will accept mp3. Another door leads on to the bedroom area with twin beds and ample drawer space.and facility to hang clothes. The mezanine floor has a futon for one additional person. From the bedroom a door leads to the roof terrace with views of the town and of the river. A cleaning service is offered twice a week and all linen is provided.

There is a mini supermarket, and a few bars and restaurants all within walking distance of the house. A couple of bars open at 11pm and don't close until 5am! The river is just a stone's throw away with easy access to the water.

Mertola has many museums with artifacts from the roman times through to the Islamic period, well worth a look.

Comizo Barbel

Fishing in Portugal offers of lot of variation. The reservoirs in the area around Mertola offer some of the best Largemouth bass fishing in Europe and are well worth a try. This tuned up perch offers some great sport on a lure or fly rod and is a fish you probably haven't encounterd if you live in Northern climes.The town of Mertola has all the services you need, supermarkets and a local market for fresh fish and vegatables.

There are plenty of bars and restarurants in the town so you won't go hungry or firsty. Mertola has a long rich history with plenty of archiological evidence in their many museums. There's more in Mertola than fishing in Portugal. We offer a daily guide service or package deals where we can collect and return you to Faro airport and provide accommodation.

Carp Fishing Portugal

Welcome to fishing in Portugal. We are based in the small Portugal town of Mertola. From here we offer fishing from our boat or guided trips on the river for the shad when in season, or just coarse fishing in the town. The town council of Mertola has provided excellent river fishing platforms only a couple of minutes walking distance from the accommodation we provide. the river offers fishing for silver fish and Carp and Barbel.

The Guadiana river forms a border between southern Portugal and Spain at its lower tidal reaches. It is considered one of Portugal's foremost Comizo barbel rivers. Its tributaries and many dam formed lakes make for some varied fishing. Fishing in Portugal is not like Northern Europe, no need to get to your best spot early you have the place to yourself.

The river varies from fast flowing tumbling glides where, during the  season of April and May, you can take Shad on the fly or small silver spinner, to deep slow pools where with one rod you can bag up with small barbel and carp while the other rod and bite indicator waits for the big comizo or big river carp.

For our Portugal fishing guests we provide detailed maps and GPS coordinates of the good swims in the area so you don't have to waste time finding the hot spots.

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Casa Comizo

Coarse Fishing in Portugal

Whichever style of fishing you prefer works on the river. A few good swims can be reached by car or foot, although the best fishing is to be had from one of our boats.

Cage feeders and in line methods are my preferred style. A good feeder rod or an Avon type rod is perfect. [16.5 kg carp from Guadiana]

Hooks, size10 barbless for the winter, and in the summer months, size 8 barbless up to size 2.

The line, 3kg minimum; any less and some of the fish will snap it like cotton. I always use a 4kg mono when I'm feeder fishing or 6kg braid when using a bite alarm and bolt rig method. When fishing for Comizo, I don't go lower than 9 kg braid. 
Baits: in the winter the biggest mixed bags fall to maggots and sweet corn on a feeder, with the bigger fish on five or six hair rigged sweet corn or hair rigged prawn.

In the summer, it's sweet corn or prawn, also luncheon meat, or fish strips for the bigger Comizo. If you use maggots in the summer, you will be swarmed by small fish: Barbel, Carp, Nace, Bass, Mullet, Eels, you just can't get to the bigger fish.
We haven't tried boilies or pellets yet, but will be doing so over the next year and will report on the results.
We will be keeping several swims well baited throughout the season. No problems with other anglers in your swim. You very rarely see another fisherman.