Fishing in France offers the traveling angler an enormous amount of variety with both the type of fishing and species to target being vast and world class.

France has a huge amount of both public and private waters available with gravel and sand pits in abundance for the coarse fisherman.The French rivers and streams provide some of Europe's finest Trout fishing to the fly fishermen. With over 5000 km of coastline, the Sea angler has everything from Sea Bream to Tuna to put a bend in his rod.

The popularity of Carp fishing in France exploded during the 1980's-1990's as anglers from around the world started to notice huge Carp being reported from venues such as lake Saint-Cassien. To the UK Carp angler these fish were incredible in that Carp were being caught on a regular basis that were significantly bigger than the UK Carp record which stood at a little over 50 lb. Lake Saint-Cassien was throwing up Monster Carp with weights above the 70 lb mark.

Commercial fishery owners throughout France picked up on the Carp fishing interest and many have since turned the opportunity into a healthy business with new Carp lakes springing up all the time offering Monster Carp fishing to traveling anglers around the world.

Catfish (Europen Wels) fishing has also grown in popularity across Europe during recent years and many anglers target both the Carp and Catfish during the holiday in France.

Orchard lake Carp fishing

At over 77 lb (35,2 kg) it was fish such as this Monster Carp caught in 1987 from Lake Saint-Cassien (Lac de Saint-Cassien) that started the boom in France as a Carp fishing destination for traveling anglers.

Commercial Carp fisheries set-up in the northern regions of France have made it easier for anglers traveling from the UK to get in on the action with some fantastic Carp lakes available holding Carp capable of reaching weights above 90 lbs.

Whilst not every angler is not going to catch a 90 lbs Carp, there are also private lakes that are carefully managed so that they hold a balanced stock of good sized fish to ensure you don't go home empty handed.

Carp fishing in France

Matthew Knight - Les Lacs du Verger

Carp fishing in France

In addition to the Carp and Catfish found in the lakes, the french rivers are home to numerous species of freshwater fish. The traveling angler is spoiled for choice with some fantastic Chub, Tench, Zander, Trout, Pike and river Carp fishing available.

Many public fishing venues in France are free to fish with no permits required. Anglers do however require the French fishing licence (Carte de Peche) to fish all public waters, which can be obtained locally from fishing tackles shops, newsagents and supermarkets in most towns. If you wish to obtain the license in advance of your trip, it can be purchased online from The Carte de Peche website provides an English language option and the license is available with day, week and annual options.

Be aware that on many french public waters night fishing is not allowed with rules stating that you can fish half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset only.

Saint-Cassien Carp fishing

The idyllic complex of Les Lacs du Verger, sited a comfortable 3.5 hrs drive from Calais, offers French carp fishing at its best. With a choice of two lakes stocked with cracking Carp you can be sure that your trip is memorable and camera memory stick full.

As mature gravel pits, Orchard and Willow Lakes are clean bottomed with all areas accessible and fishable. All of the swims have been sited to give the best access to open water and the marginal features whilst maintaining a minimal impact on the other anglers and their fishing.

A great deal of effort has gone into making the environment as angler friendly as possible with good and dry access to the swims, all of which are within easy walking distance of the car parking and catering facilities.

Les Lacs du Verger

Matthew Knight - Les Lacs du Verger

Willow lake Carp fishing

French rivers fall into two categories which are used to control the fishing season. Category one rivers are the faster flowing rivers that hold Trout with the season starting in the second week of March and running through to the 3rd week of September.

Category two rivers cover the slowing flowing rivers with the season open throughout the year with exceptions for Pike, that can be fished for between 1st May and the last Sunday in January.

Sea fishing in France does not require a license and anglers may fish from either the shore or boat in search of quarry including Mackerel, Sea Bream, Wrasse, Mullet, Conger and the much sought after and highly prized Tuna.

The Carp angler wishing to tackle the French Carp lake scene has many options open to them.​ Fish-Europe is pleased to recommend our friends at Les Lacs du Verger in the Champagne Region of France.

The idyllic complex of Les Lacs du Verger is sited a comfortable 3.5 hrs drive from Calais and offers French Carp fishing at its best. Located near the town of Vitry-Le-Francois, Les Lacs du Verger is a two lake complex. Both lakes (Willow Lake and Orchard Lake) are mature clean bottom gravel pits providing excellent Carp fishing in attractive and picturesque surroundings.

Follow the link below to learn more about Les Lacs du Verger and book yourself a Carp fishing adventure that will remain in your fondest memories for the rest of your life.