Siberian food

Guest should bring mosquito repellent, sleeping bag, warm jacket, water proof clothing, waders, change of shoes, sunglasses, sports cap, gloves, backpack or travel bag.

In addition to your fishing tackle you should also take any favorite snacks and if desired a bottle or two of your preferred tipple to toast the capture of that majestic monster Taimen.

Fishing Tour in Siberia provides traditional Siberian meals with snacks to keep you going throughout the day. There is an individual menu available for vegetarians.​ Whilst catch and release fishing is supported, after your days fishing you can sit by the fire place and enjoy your bounty on the open grill.

The venue for the tour is Krasnoyarsk Krai, Turukhansk, Severnaya river, Sukhaya Tunguska river, Fatyanikha, etc.

The duration of the tours are seven days with five days fishing and designed for 4 to 6 people.

You will be met at Krasnoyarsk airport and from there fly to Turukhansk. A short 10-15 minute car ride will take you to the hovercraft mooring point, from where you will experience a stunning 5 hour ride through fantastic scenery to the fishing grounds.

A  translator is on hand and a generator provided on camp to ensure you keep your camera battery fully charged and loaded with some awesome monster fish pictures.

To ensure your well being and safety a physician, cook, game keepers and fishing guides are also provided.

Accommodation is in tent or comfortable house in the form of a traditional Siberian yurt.

For further details on the packages available from Fishing Tour in Siberia please use the links below. The full contents of the Premium and DeLux packages can be seen from the Facebook page within the notes section of the page.

Taimen Fishing

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Open fire

Fishing Tour in Siberia is a professional tour operator that will provide you with the most memorable and exhilarating angling adventure you could possibly imagine.

Their motto being "We do not sell fishing, we sell a lifestyle!" reflects the whole experience that will be provided.

Chasing wild monster TaimenPike, Grayling, Whitefish, Perch and the aggressive Lenok Trout in the crystal clear Siberian Rivers will leave you breathless and provide an experience that you will treasure forever.

The fishing season runs from June through to the end of September with Premium and DeLux packages designed to both match your budget and land you trophy fish near the region of the Putorana Plateau nature reserve.

With over 40 species of freshwater fish inhabiting the rivers and lakes of Siberia you can be sure that you will catch plenty monster fish assisted by the professional guides on hand.

Transportation around the fishing grounds is provided using hovercraft's with optional helicopter conveyance available.

Professional photography and video filming from a quadcopter are optional extras that will provide life long memories for you to treasure.