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Monster Salmon

Fishinglapland organizes high quality fishing trips and program services in Finnish Lapland, Sweden and Norway regions. We tailor make all our programs according to our clients wishes.

Fishinglapland provides our guests with unforgettable experiences here in the wild, clean and rugged Lappish nature. You will become enchanted with the amazing scenery, midnight sun and sheer beauty of the magnificent fishing waters.

Our home is in Saariselkä, in the Inari municipality, far north in Finnish Lapland. From here is a short distance to the best fishing waters in Lapland and Norway. With our professional guides and partners we want to welcome all individuals and groups to enjoy our unforgettable fishing moments. Fishinglapland is able to offer guided services at a number of locations in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Below is just an example of some of the fantastic fishing we have on our doorstep.

Juutua River 

The Juutua river is situated in Inari in Finnish Lapland and is one of the most important rivers of lake Inari for brown trout spawning and also home to big Grayling and Pike. The Juutua river flows down to the lake Inari just beside the Inari village and it has about 10 km of fishing shoreline. Fly fishing is the only allowed form of fishing in river Juutua.

This trip can be organized as a day trip or an overnight excursion. It is operated from Saariselkä and the drive there takes about one hour. The nearest airport is in Ivalo.

You can use our high quality fishing gear or take along your own which we will disinfect to avoid the spread of salmon parasite. 
The trip includes the transfers from Ivalo/Saariselkä area to the river Juutua, fishing guidance, necessary fishing licenses, fishing gear and lunch. On overnight excursions also breakfast and dinner are included. 

Species of fish: Brown trout, Grayling, Whitefish, Pike and Perch

Fishing in Lapland


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Photo by:Teemu Hagqvist

Neiden River 

Neiden River is one of Norway's best known Salmon fishing rivers. It begins from lake Ii in Finland and flows about 100 km to the Arctic sea on the Norwegian side.

The River Neiden is known for its big Salmon. The biggest Salmon reach more than 20 kg in weight. The best time to catch these monsters is in the beginning of June. But it is a challenge because of the cold water temperature and high water level. All throughout the summer months there is a chance to catch Salmon. The average weight of the fish is around 5 kg.

The trip starts from Saariselkä/Ivalo area. The nearest airport is in Ivalo. The drive takes about 2,5 hours to the small village of Neiden in Finnmark, Norway. We accommodate in small lodges along the river bank. The transfers are also possible from Kirkenes airport on request.

All the fishing will be guided and occur on Norwegian side of the river. There’s approximately 1 km long zone in the river that is only for fly fishing. Other parts you can also fish by casting.

You can use our high quality fishing gear or take along your own which we will disinfect to avoid the spread of salmon parasite.

The trip includes the transfers from Ivalo/Saariselkä area to the river Neiden, guidance, the necessary fishing licenses, fishing gear, accommodation and full board.

Fishinglapland can also arrange one day fishing trips to the Arctic sea for king crab or salt water fishing.

​​The guides and partners of Fishinglapland have decades of angling experience in Lapland. With access to some of the best Salmon and Trout fishing available in Europe, you will be in for an amazing adventure that you will fondly remember for the rest of your life.


Fishing in Lapland
Monster Salmon