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Fishing in Finland
Fishing in Finland

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Finland is a country of some 180,000 lakes that range in size from a few hundred square meters to over 1000 kilometers of shoreline. 

Whilst impossible to fish and write about them all, on this site you can find information about those that are commonly frequented by visiting anglers or those that I list as my favorites along with hints and tips about how to catch. Many of the lakes in Finland are surrounded by marshy swamps that can make it impossible to access, others have very shallow shorelines that can stretch out hundreds of meters into the lake. Finding the right lake and fishing method may seem like a daunting task but when found can yield spectacular results.

Learn how to catch in Finland. Fishing in Finland methods from trolling for Sea Trout in the Baltic Sea to jigging for Perch through the winter ice.


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Fishing in Finland
Fishing in Finland


The southern stretch of the Baltic Sea from Turku in the west to the Russian Border in the east provides some of the best Sea Fishing in Finland. The Baltic Sea is brackish meaning there is very little salt and the same fish species found in lakes and rivers also thrive in the Baltic. In addition to what is normal considered coarse fish, the Gulf of Finland is also home to species such as Baltic Herring, Smelt, Flounder, Sea Trout, Salmon and Whitefish. A key difference between the south and north Baltic is that the Salmon in the Gulf of Finland eat which means fishing in the sea with lures will bring results. Pike and Zander fishing can be spectacular with many specimens recorded every year around the Helsinki region.


finland rivers

Finland rivers provide the angler wide variety with some of the best Trout & Salmon fishing Europe has to offer. From Kymijoki in the south to Tenojoki in the north the county has plenty to offer for those wishing to drift a dry fly for Trout and Grayling or strip a tube fly for Sea Trout and Salmon during a warm summers evening. Target species for the game fisherman include Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout,Sea Trout, Salmon, Grayling & Whitefish. Many of the rivers also hold large stocks of coarse fish including Roach, Bream, Dace, Perch, Zander and Pike. On the right river with the right tactics at the right time it is possible to get fed up of catching so many fish.

The northern stretch of the Baltic Sea from Vaasa to Tornio offers some excellent fishing in tranquil surrounding. Whilst maybe not as prolific as the southern Baltic it is possible to catch Sea Trout on Lures during the colder months. Salmon swim up the Gulf of Bothnia to spawn in the northern rivers such as Oulujoki, Simojoki, Kemijoki and Torniojoki but chasing them in the open sea will not yield the same results as those possible in the Gulf of Finland. The Salmon net fisherman can often catch many 20 KG fish in a single day. The Gulf of Bothnia is a haven for Perch with the possibility to catch many good fish all year either

in the summer with worm or jigging through ice during the winter months. 

Fishing in Finland

Fishing in Finland provides sport with Salmon, Trout, Grayling and Char to tempt the fly fisherman. Coarse fishing includes Pike, Zander, Roach, Perch and Bream among others. ​There are plenty of opportunities to fish for these and species such as Burbot and Whitefish in all parts of the country.

​With over 100,000 lakes, miles of accessible sea shore plus numerous rivers and streams, the travelling angler will be sure to find something to satisfy their needs.

​Whether you fish in a group of prefer solitude and silence. Fishing in Finland can provide it all.

Fishing rules and regulation vary from country to country within Europe. Follow the links below if you want to know more about fishing in Finland, fishing methods to use for success, where to obtain fishing licenses and much more:

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Fishing in Finland

This section is aimed to ensure the travelling angler visiting Finland has the facts and knowledge to get the most out of the visit. Whether your prey be Pike, Trout, Salmon, Zander, Bream or the humble Roach. We will equip you with the facts and knowledge to ensure your stay is truly memorable and your lines are tight.

The Methods section is a collection of fishing articles for you to browse at your leisure. Topics include Coarse Fishing, Pike Fishing, Ice Fishing, Kayak Fishing, Lure Fishing, Jig Fishing, Trolling and many more. New articles are added regularly so be sure to check for new reading material. Regardless of your background or if your an angling novice or seasoned professional there will be something new to learn.

The Fishing Guides pages will put you in touch with Fishing Guides in Finland who will put you onto the fish. The Fishing Guides can supply you with the correct fishing tackle and show you what tactics will catch the fish. The recommended Fishing Guides are selected as being the very best in the business and includes Fishing Guides voted guide of the year and top fishing magazine editors.

​Being well renowned and highly respected anglers, the Fishing Guides are professionals who will not only provide you with a fantastic day out on the water but really will provide the opportunity to catch the fish of your dreams.


No experience in Finland is complete without having stayed in a remote log cabin. Take a hot sauna, ice cold beer and enjoy the catch of the day.



Fishing in Finland