The Obsession - Awesome Carp fishing video from the guys at Korda. A must watch for any budding carp angler.

Korda Masterclass - Lake Exclusive

Featuring Danny Fairbrass, the founder and Managing Director of Korda

Korda Masterclass - European Canals

The guys from Korda head over to South

Holland for a spot of canal carping

Korda - Carp, Tackle, Tactics & Tips. Expert tips from the guys at Korda to help you catch more monster Carp

Carp Fishing Videos

We hope you like our selection of Carp fishing videos. These videos are selected from the best available on YouTube. Some are educational whilst others are pure Carp viewing pleasure. We have done the hard work sorting through to select the best available so you can relax and enjoy at your leisure.

Danny Fairbrass and Ali Hamidi are masters at the art of Carp fishing at home and abroad. Both being professional anglers, they are a joy to watch and serve up some great tips and advice whilst catching some monster fish.

Feel free to contact us using the form on the home page if you feel we have missed any Carp fishing videos that should be added to the collection.

The Pursuit of the Monster - Gigantica Masterclass. Carp, only Bigger with Danny Fairbrass and Ali Hamidi

Korda Masterclass - Long Range Fishing. Great tips and advice from Ali Hamidi​. Learn how to carp fish at distance & watch some great fish being caught.