Fox Bite Alarms

  • Fox Mk3 Swinger (Red)

  • Unaffected by wind and drag, the zero friction Swinger registers the smallest of indications from your end tackle making it the most effective bite detection system available. Sliding the 2oz (50 gram) stainless drag weight allows you to fine tune your indication system for optimum performance in any conditions and any swim, whether margin fishing with slack lines or expecting drop backs at extreme range. All breaking strains of monofilament or braided main lines are held securely in the patented line release gate yet released instantly on the strike. Light reactive heads allow you to match your Swinger to LED colours.
  • Delkim NEW Safe-D Carbon Carp Fishing Snag Bars / Snag Ears

  • Essential when snag fishing
  • 2 Carbon Fibre poles
  • Easy to fit to all Delkim bite alarm models
  • Manufactured in tublar carbon fibre with stainless caps

NGT Bite Alarms

Delkim Bite Alarms

  • NGT Carp Fishing Tackle Carbon Effect Banksticks & Buzzer Bars + 3 Bite alarms 3x Ball Rests & 3x Hanger Indicators

  • Carbon effect carp banksticks, buzz bars set. This set has been designed to hold up to 3 rods and reels
  • 2 x Adjustable banksticks 30-50cm 2x 3 rod Buzzer Bars (30cm Long)
  • 3x black Bite alarms With volume control and comes with batteries
  • 3x Ball rests 3x hanger indicators
  • Made By NG

  • 2 NGT VX2 Bite Alarms & 2 Indicators with Batteries
  • Alarms Features - Variable Volume, Variable Tone, Jack Plug, Waterproof, Latching 20sec LED
  • Indicators come complete with Indicator head, drag weight, stainless steel hockey stick bracket and chain
  • Delkim TX-I Plus Bite Alarms

  • Delkim Tx-i Plus Alarms This is the flagship alarm from Delkim, packed with features and at a fantastic price too. Voted best alarm in many fishing tackle awards including Total Carp, Carp - Talk and Carp Fishing Awards. These remote alarms are designed to be used with the Delkim RX Pro Receiver for the complete wireless carp fishing bite alarm system. Used with the receiver there is also a valuable anti theft system which signals on the RX Receiver if someone is tampering with you Delkim TX-i alarms. Available in the same 6 colours as the other Delkim alarms, these are supplied in a black hard case
  • Fox Micron MX+ Bite Alarm

  • Micron® MX+ Exhibiting the classic Micron styling the new MX+ has a cone speaker for sharp, crisp sound, a raised 5mm blue front LED and front rotational knobs to allow quick and easy adjustment of tone and volume and rubber ear inlays to prevent rod slippage. In addition there is two-stage sensitivity, power and transmitter outputs and enhanced electronics to maximise battery life. The MX+ is also fully compatible with the TX-R Micro Transmitter. 
  • Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm

  • Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White or Purple
  • ​Unique Delkim bite indication system - no moving parts plus 2 year guarantee
  • Total adjustability to cover all conditions
  • Twin clear high visibility LEDs
  • High volume and wide tone range
  • All season reliability and long battery life