The Baltic Sea is brackish. The low salt allows fish normally found in lakes & rivers to thrive in the open sea. Pike, Trout, Salmon & Zander gorge on an abundance of Herring and Perch.

From Lohjanjärvi in the south to Inarijärvi in the north. Finland provides an abundance of large lakes. Trolling can be an effective method to catch.

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Everymans rights is a legal right in Finland for people of all nationalities to enjoy the Finnish countryside freely.

The rights enable the use of boats on waterways, the right to camp, pick wild mushroom & berries, fish with a fixed rod & line (pole fish) and ice fish without charge, Some exceptions do apply so please check the link below for more details.

Fishing in Finland

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With large raging rivers, deep sprawling lakes and amazing scenery you are guaranteed to find fishing in unspoilt surroundings. If the fish don't bite you won't really mind - Finland has many other attractions.

The Salmon run usually starts in May with fish in the rivers until late autumn. Resident Trout & Grayling will fall to a well drifted nymph or bug.

With over 100,000 lakes, miles of accessible sea shore plus numerous rivers and streams, the travelling angler will be sure to find something to satisfy their needs.


Fishing in Finland provides sport with Salmon, Trout, Grayling and Char to tempt the fly fisherman. Coarse fishing includes Pike, Zander, Roach, Perch and Bream among others. ​There are plenty of opportunities to fish for these and species such as Burbot and Whitefish in all parts of the country.

Whether you fish in a group of prefer solitude and silence. Fishing in Finland can provide it all.

Whilst never guaranteed, the addition of the northern lights coupled with a good fish or two can make it extremely hard to stop fishing for the day. This can be overcome of course with the lure of the sauna & beer.

Summer in Finland brings long warm days with 24 hour daylight above the Arctic Circle.


Spectacular sunsets across a wide open lake with predatory fish chasing Vendace on the surface can make for spectacular fishing in the twilight hours.

Restrictions on lighting open fires and leaving of litter apply to ensure that the Finnish countryside remains as today - An area of unspoiled natural beauty. With the help of everyman's rights it's possible to hike across vast tundra, though immense pine forests and across open fells to cast a line in lakes or rivers that rarely see a human being. I once spent seven days fishing in Lapland at a remote location & saw only one other person during the week.

Everyman's rights

The right to roam