In our Monster Fish section you can drool over some of the biggest specimen fish caught from European waters over the years. Whether you passion be Coarse, Sea or Game Fishing, the Fish-Europe Monster Fish section has something for all anglers to set their sights on.


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Fish-Europe is aimed at ensuring the travelling angler fishing European waters has the facts and knowledge to get the most out of the experience. Whether your passion be Sea Fishing, Coarse Fishing or Game Fishing,

Fish-Europe will provide you with the facts and knowledge to ensure your angling adventure is truly memorable and your lines are kept tight.

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Big fish in Europe

​​Fishing in Europe provides fantastic Game Fishing with big Salmon, Trout, Grayling, Huchen, Char and many others to tempt the fly fisherman.

Excellent coarse fishing includes the opportunity to target Monster Carp, Catfish, Pike, Zander, Roach, Perch and Bream among others.

​European Seas are home to the biggest Cod in the world and thanks to world wide conservation efforts the Sea Angler has a stable and wide range of quarry to target including Bass, Eels, Flounder, Halibut, Pollack, Rays, Shark and many more.

​With millions of lakes, miles of accessible sea shore plus thousands of amazing rivers and streams, the travelling angler will be sure to find something to satisfy their needs.

​Whether you fish in a group of prefer your own company with solitude and silence, Fish-Europe can provide something to stir up the angling passion inside you and will entice you to pick up that fishing rod and head down to the bank or boat.

Fishing rules and regulation vary from country to country within Europe. Follow the location and fishing methods links if you want to know more about fishing in Europe, fishing methods to use for success, where to obtain fishing licenses and much more.

Our Monster Fish section will leave you drooling at the mouth with a selection of some of the most spectacular fish caught throughout Europe over the years.

The Fish-Europe fishing guide section will put you in touch with expert fishing guides available in Europe. Our recommended guides are selected from the best available and are professional award winning anglers backed by leading fishing tackle and boating companies.

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Monster Fish

The Fish-Europe fish species section provides information about the fish that can be caught in European Seas, Lakes, Rivers and Canals. From monster fish such as the mighty Carp, Catfish, Cod, Pike and Salmon to the more humble but equally wonderful Roach and Bream.

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From the warm waters of Southern Europe stacked with Big Carp, Catfish and Pike to the Northern Scandinavia waters with Monster Salmon, Trout. Cod and Halibut, Fishing in Europe has something special to offer for any angler seeking the ultimate fishing adventure.

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